Short answer: Yes


    And that's what makes D and J's so much fun.


    Hundreds of pages of guest registry books tell the stories of travelers stopping to “stretch their legs” only to find themselves falling down a mesmerizing rabbit hole of history we love bringing to life with elaborate and unexpected displays.


    Check out guest reviews here.

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    They just don't make 'em like they used to.

    Old world craftsmanship is on display every day at D and J's. Bring a trailer - our multiple buildings contain furniture from around the world, tools, industrial equipment, dozens of custom lighting options, unusual taxidermy, hunting and fishing goods as well as tins and crocks of all sizes - just to name a few items.

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    Bones and caskets and eyeballs - Oh My!

    D and J's on the Square houses an extensive collection of unusual medical and dental equipment as well as funeral and embalming accessories and memorabilia. Be sure to see the prosthetic eyeball collection and ask about our special on used dentures.

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    Feel like you belong in a time long gone? You'll love our vintage clothing, books and photos.

    Records and rotary phones, Texas literature and tea cups, porcelain signs and post cards - you can spend hours at a time visiting yesteryear at D and J's.

  • Our Story.

    Love and a Passion for Antiques.

    D and J's - What is it?


    It’s both - with just a touch of haunted house added in - that is, if you don’t care to enter a vault of coffins surrounded by antique dental and medical equipment.


    D and J’s Good Ole Days in Brady bills itself as simply an ‘antique, oddities and vintage’ store, but the customers that have visited from all 50 states and more than 50 countries say it’s much more. A pile of guest registry books kept at the front of the store for the past five years, containing hundreds of pages, reveal the true eclectic gem that is reeling in travelers, tourists, and collectors by the droves to Brady.


    “The best collection of antiques we’ve seen. So fun!”

    “Unbelievable!! Incredible history - Wonderful fun - Thank you.”

    “Love your stores - displays are awesome!”

    “Amazing stores - great finds!”

    “On the way to Save the Alamo rally - had to stop - favorite of mine.”

    “A fantastic array of memorabilia.”

    And simply…

    “Holy Shit!!!”


    Joe and DeAnn Evridge, the store’s mom-and-pop owners say the 20,000 square feet collection of thousands of items is really a visual representation of their love story.


    “We’ve been married thirty years in May,” says DeAnn, “our hobby turned into a dream to open a store, then that store led to another store.”


    “And now another store,” laughs Joe as he chimes in. “It’s just a great love story - me and my sweet wife - we love the stories the pieces tell and we love all these pieces because they tell our story.”